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Practicing safe car sharing while navigating COVID-19

Hit the road confidently

Clean & disinfected cars

Hosts are now required to clean and disinfect their vehicles thoroughly before every trip, per our strengthened cleaning policy. Nesxpress have access to training materials on proper cleaning and disinfection practices based on the latest recommendations compiled from the CDC, EPA, WHO, and vehicle detailing experts.

Hosts are expected to clean their cars’ interiors and wipe down all surfaces with disinfectant, paying special attention to all frequently touched “hot spots” like door handles, center consoles, steering wheels, buttons and switches, and seat belts. Hosts are held to high standards of cleanliness, and they’re committed to providing a safe and clean service, now and always.

To provide further reassurance, if you show up for check-in and simply don’t feel comfortable with the cleanliness level of the car, you can contact Customer Support to cancel before the trip starts and receive a full refund without any fees, and our Support team will be standing by to help get you into another car.

Contactless check-in options

To maintain physical distance and peace of mind during check-in, many hosts already offer remote access to their vehicles. When you book a car, ask your host about their check-in process and make sure you’re comfortable. If they offer contactless check-in, they’ll verify your identity remotely when the trip is about to start, and grant you access to their car via a few options.

Navigating the new normal together

As the world reacts and adjusts to today’s new normal, industries everywhere are rising to the occasion to promote mindful, safe practices, especially in the travel space.

Car travel remains one of the safest, most desirable means of travel in this uncertain climate, and we’re deeply committed to creating a clean and safe car sharing marketplace to keep you moving, even while staying apart.

Renting a Car with NesXpress

At Nesxpress we make renting a seamless experience. Simply select a vehicle within our network, arrive at car location and leave the rest to us. Our competitive pricing makes booking your car for a day or a full weekend an adventure!





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